Robby the Robot: The Restoration

Hands up everyone who remembers seeing “Forbidden Planet” at the Saturday Matinee when they were a kid. OK, who was the star Walter Pidgeon? Anne Francis? Leslie Nielsen?

Naaah, it was Robby. Tall, dark, metallic. He was awesome. and thanks to a mad obsessive, Robby and his cousin, the bubble headed booby from Lost in Space both live again.

Robbie and FredRead “The True Hollywood Story of a Superstar’s Resurrection” and then vist Fred’s site. He is cleaning up so the article is an “orphan” link that doesn’t appear on the website

In 1961, at the tender age of four, Fred Barton fell in love with Robots, after having watched the classic, 1956, MGM sci-fi film “Forbidden Planet” on television. He felt powerfully drawn to that movie’s metallic hero, “Robby, the Robot,” and from that moment on, Fred’s fascination with science-fiction, and Robots would play a profound influence upon his life.

Today, Mr. Barton remains intrigued by the genre, and retains a deep seated love of automatons. His Hollywood, CA-based company, Fred Barton Productions, Inc., is the world’s leading producer of museum-quality, famous movie and television Robots sought by private collectors. In addition to building “Robby” for sale to collectors of all ages, Mr. Barton’s personal Robot collection also includes computerized replicas of Robot Model B9, from the classic series, “Lost in Space,” and “Gort” from “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” as well as “Maria” from Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis, T2 – Endoskeleton, The “Target Earth” Robot, and of course, the original Star Wars Trilogy droids, “R2-D2” and “C-3PO” all of which he has built. He is currently finishing work on his masterful recreation of “Tobor, the Great”.

Check out the site. It’s a great read. Another obsessive for the collection.

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  1. where is the real robot that played on lost in space, did yall junk it or is it still going on strong today,and if its true that a person was in the robot working it. Thank You.

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