ScrapBook: A Firefox Extension

Want a really great reason to load Firefox onto your PC? Then have a look at ScrapBook. It’s a Firefox Extension that helps you to save Web pages and easily manage collections of reference material.

“So what can it do for me?” I hear the people up the back cry.

Well here is a quick list

    Save a Web page
    Save snippet of Web page
    Save entire Web site (In-depth Capture)
    Organize the collection of saved pages/sites in the same way as Bookmarks tree
    Simple editing of the saved Web page (Text edit feature resembles Opera’s Notes)
    Full text search and quick filtering search

It ‘s light on resources, fast, accurate and bloody useful.

Perfect for those research projects. (Like finding stuff for blogs).

Best of all ( for me anyway) is I can save the stuff direct to my Pocket PC folder so that the pages are uploaded to the organiser ready for that trip on the tram. Yes you need Firefox, but then why would you want to keep using IE?

Hmmm… Firefox for the PocketPC now there’s a thought.


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