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This is one of those sites that is so unassuming and yet the content just blows you away. If you have any curiosity about how sites like Backpack or Gmail or some of the spiffy little eye candy effects that are showing up all over the place work, then this isn’t a bad place to start looking. – web 2.0 javascript

To quote “The power of AJAX allows for rich user interaction without the trouble that has bugged traditional web applications. Building upon the wonderful Prototype JavaScript library, provides you with some great additional ingredients to mix in.”

The Prototype Javascript Library is a ripper. A bit brain damaging but a ripper.

Here’s a small and no where near complete list of some ajax scripts and small ajax apps that two point three (another cute resource) stumbled upon:

* form assembly – building forms with ajax validation
* sajax – a simple ajax toolkit
* time management app – currently in beta but showing promise
* rico – drag & drop, cinematic effects, and more
* scriptalicious – full of nifty scripts
* prototype – js framework
* jspan – maps php to js


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