Sonnet iPod Replacement Batteries

This is for the iPod owners out there. Some of you will by now be noticing that you aren’t getting through as many of the 352 (allegedly this is the average amount of songs on iPods) songs as you used to.

Some of you will have made the heart attack inducing phone call to Apple to source a new battery ( my money says they told you to throw it away and buy a new one… hmm now that’s marketing) .

But an alternative is soon to be at hand.
iPod Sonnet iPod Replacement Batteries will reinvigorate your iPod with a new high-capacity battery and a video and the tools you will need to complete the upgrade.

Sonnet does not stress the fact that opening the iPod will void your warranty from Apple. But it notes that battery failure almost always starts after the standard one-year iPod warranty runs out. Let’s face it you don’t have much to lose.

All iPods use batteries that can only be recharged so many times, and their charge capacities get smaller as time passes. If your first, second, third, fourth generation iPod or iPod mini doesn’t play as long as it used to, you might want to give it a boost with one of Sonnet replacement batteries it’s a great, economical way to give new life to your player.

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