Strange Horizons and Lucy A. Snyder

This is another good one for a Sunday afternoon spent in the bowels of a building reconfiguring stuff.
Your Corporate Network And The Forces Of Darkness, by Lucy A. Snyder

Cybermancy is the hottest new trend in information technology. Companies worldwide are eagerly deploying cybermantic networking strategies to open doors to a whole new reality of profit.

“Is it a big deal? Absolutely,” says Mindy Axedame, a top human resources specialist who consults for many Fortune 500 firms. “These technologies enable communication with the dead. That’s huge. If a key employee drops dead from a heart attack, now you can ask him questions that would normally be lost to the grave,” Axedame says.

“But it goes way beyond conference room Ouija—you can keep the dead employee on the job! Or truck in cadavers to raise for menial labor. One network tech can monitor and control up to twenty undead taking customer support calls—that’s incredibly cost effective.” It’s also incredibly funny.

Lucy also wrote a lovely piece on how to install Linux on a dead badger. It’s funny from where I am sitting today.

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