stu nicholls | CSS PLaY | experiments with cascading style sheets

Jools found this site a while back and will probably get around to blogging it in one of her spare moments 🙂 .

Seriously I remember being so impressed with the power of CSS that I mentally made a note to start looking into what it could do. I then immediately misplaced the note and besides this is what Jools does so why worry about it (check out Jools Pontificates… the link is just over there on the right). And then the blogging and CMS website backends showed up and CSS was so in my face and it was like every piece of source code you looked at there it was.

So if CSS is a new tool for you ( or even if it isn’t … some of the stuff on this site is just so whacked) checkout CSS Play Logo The site is run by Stu Nichols and you can find out about him here.

I think this will have to be filed under Mondays AND CodeStuff. Serious “Impediment To Productivity”


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