Symantec and the Sygate Firewall

Brian Krebs in his regular Security Fix at the Washington Post alerts us to an unfortunate development at Symantec:

Just three months after buying Sygate, Symantec is killing off the company’s entire product line and its support forums. Sygate Personal Firewall is (was) an excellent free firewall product. Krebs points out that just a few weeks ago Kerio announced the elimination of its free firewall product, and the field is growing ever smaller, but he also mentions a few possible alternatives:

So another free Windows firewall bites the dust. I use the free version of Sygate on two of my machines at home and will be sorry to see this excellent and highly configurable offering discontinued.

Symantec’s purchase of Sygate was widely viewed as a bid to solidify and consolidate its market position in the enterprise security space, as Sygate’s business-oriented network access and security compliance products were its bread and butter. I just wish it didn’t have to come at the expense of what I consider the best free firewall for Windows home users out there today.

That irrevocable move to the Linux desktop is coming closer everyday.

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