t r y ^ d :: p u b l i c d o m a i n


I am currently listening to Try^d. They are a virtual band who formed across the ‘Net. The personnel are vavrek and arna in Seattle, John Holowach form Ohio, and rjmarshall in Japan

From the hype,
“rj had posted a song on his website, and I just knew that I had to rework it into something different,” said Holowach. “When he heard it, he was very impressed by the work I had done on it, and was eager to spread the piece around. Shortly after that, vavrek added vocals, and the rest is history.”

The band have released their album ‘public domain” under a Creative Commons Licence and if you go to their site
t r y ^ d :: p u b l i c d o m a i n you are able to listen to the tracks. download the album (two qualities offered) and of course actually slip them a few bucks and buy the glittering round plastic version.

So what’s the music like well I like it, the final rewind and I see are heading to my walkman (especially ‘i see’ nice snares ) please show your support! get your copy today!

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