The Linux Motion Picture Pipeline

This is an amazing article. Back in February Robin Rowe wrote The Linux Motion Picture Pipeline for the Linux Movies Group.

The article lists how Linux is the “weapon of choice” for all the major studios and details a long list of the software used to make movies. It covers editors to clusters. Some free/open source and some seriously commercial (you didn’t want to live in a house did you?).

The quote that got me was “The motion picture production pipeline begins with a film scanner, HD tape, or 3d modelling software such as Maya. For feature animation there would be no live footage, just 3d models. For visual effects there can be a mix of 3d and live footage. Scanning 2d paper drawings for animation is no longer used.” I somehow find that sad.

Anyway with Peter Jackson and the monkey move and the eagerly anticipated “Narnia” just around the corner, remember that as you watch the Gryphon flying through the mountains that it was created on the same operating system that I am using to send you this. Weird huh?


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