Impediment to Productivity: The Sect of Homokaasu

And now a message of the utmost gravity (said in portentous Orson Wellian tones)

Todays Impediment to Productivity: is The Sect of Homokaasu – GasGames

No. Not that sort of gas.

OK, There are a lot of games and screensavers which feature cosmic bodies going round each other, propelled by simulated gravity. (Asteroids springs to mind.)

Gravity is such a game, but with very different gameplay.

The object of this Flash game is to launch your “atom” in the field of “gravity sources” and set it into orbit. If its orbit outlasts the timer, (you dont hit anything ), you pass the level, and the longer your atom keeps going, the more points you get.

Everything on the randomly-generated field of play attracts everything else, which makes for endless variation and frustration.

Geeky but compelling. and there are a lot more on the menu. Should mess up your week nicely.

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