Tim Larkin, Myst V Composer

Jools and I have been huge fans of Myst since the very first time we saw it (a long long time ago.. ooops wrong franchise). These games have caused a constant series of upgrades to Jools main PC (if it wasn’t Myst it was Photoshop and fortunately they both required roughly the same amounts of MORE OF EVERYTHING.) and written off numerous hours of Jools time. I am still trying to get out of EXILE (no. no. I don’t need hints I need time). Now apart from the fact that the game always looks gorgeous it has from day one always sounded amazing.

On the first Myst CD there was a “Making of ” video and it showed them dropping wrenches into toilets to get just the right sound. Well here it is Myst V and Create Digital Music have an interview with Tim Larkin, the Myst V Composer, and he is talking about games and music making CDM Interview: Tim Larkin.

The article also has some links to some music samples on Tim’s site.

Oh well at least I know what Jools is getting for Christmas. One new PC, lots of everything and Myst V. Dont tell her though, I want it to be a suprise.

If you want to see what all the fuss is about go here.

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