Impediment To Productivity: TracksLife

Do you have a hard time remembering to keep track of the progress in your diet, your budget, your exercise program (hmm does walking to the fridge for a cold caffeinated beverage count as exercise?) — whatever? Well so does B. Adam Howell of Webjillion (yep the people who wrote Temptation Blocker
that we mentioned a week or so back). That’s why there’s TracksLife. Trackslife is an online tool that will help you keep track, and stay on track, with just about anything.

With TracksLife you can:

  • Keep track of almost anything with Tracks — spreadsheets/databases that combine columns of money, numbers, words, paragraphs and yes/no’s.
  • If you ever forget to update, ( and you will) the Friendly Trackslife Remindbot will send a link through email or RSS politely reminding you.

And ( if you want) you can share your progress with friends, family, co-workers, bloggers, whoever! (and the question is asked “who would really care?). You really need to have a look at some the things people have put out in the Trackslife public space.

It only takes a second to figure it out, but what it does is create a place to monitor your progress on things in your life. It could be your budget, training for a marathon, your quest to get a high score on a video game…anything.

For me though, it’s “killer feature” is the reminders. Get a little lax with your workout regimen (I have been informed that trips to the fridge DO NOT count as a workout… bummer)? You can set Trackslife to give you a digital kick in the pants as often as you need it (frequently).

Worth a look.


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