Update: David Mery

This is an update on David Mery . You may remember him as the the dude who was wrongly arrested for carrying a back pack and using an organiser on a London train station. We spoke about him back in late September.

He has been keeping his site updated regularly as the saga keeps unfolding. David was chatting with Phillip Adams on the ABC Late Night show earlier this week. You can grab a podcast from the ABC (see now you are getting one of those cute little MP3 thingies for “serious stuff” not just to listen to pirated music) look for 2005-11-08 Tuesday. (from 12’39” to 24’10” of the full programme). David also has a copy on his site.

With the Australia government gagging debate as it rams its IR legislation through, there is little reason to suppose the same thing wont happen with the new anti-terrorism laws it based on the British ones. We should all be interested in the failings of the current British laws and striving to make sure that what happened to David can’t happen here.

UPDATE: The ABC has removed the podacast links

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