What opens a .PGM?

So there you are its Tuesday and you are finally looking at your email (it must be a Tuesday because you blew Monday playing with “Venture Kid”) and you see that some kind soul has sent you a file with a .WRD extension.

What the hell is a .WRD file? Well instead of tring to open it with Word (nope) or Excel (nope) or Notepad (Yep but it’s gibberish) and before sending it back to the misguided soul who sent it to you and looking like a right newbie. Why not stroll over to FILEext: The File Extension Source because they probably know.

Just head over there and type in your mystery file extension and FILExt will tell you what kind of file it is and what program(s) it came from.

(and the answer is a .WRD file probably came from an old Psion Handheld and you can get a covertor for it from the Psion website)


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