File this under “I Want One” The ZVEX iMPAMP

Here is the hype
“The iMP is a power amp intended for studio use, or with small sound sources such as iPods, mini-disc/cd players and laptops to power passive monitors. Perfect for your office or recording environment…you can put the iMP AMP right on your desk with bookshelf speakers and have a mini tube hi-fi setup for your iPod! Comes with AC Power Adaptor.”

Here are the stats
1W/Ch • 10-20KHz +0/-2dB • Input -20/+4dB@10kOhm • 4.4″ X 3.0″ X 3.0″ • 111mmX76mmX76mm • 12VAC@1A

And here is a picture of what all the fuss is about.
Valve Amp

And here is the downside… They want US$500+ for this little sucker. Ah well it was fun.

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