Hard Drive Disk Dying Dance Contest – Gizmodo

[photopress:diamondmax_10_drive.jpg,full,alignleft] Jools sent me this. Hard Drive Disk Dying Dance Contest – @ Gizmodo and it Finishes tomorrow American Time.

A quick bit of background. Hitachi put up some .wav files with the sounds of hard drives gone bad. If you ever heard some of these sounds you will know all of them sound “expensive”. So Gizmodo is offering a Tokyoflash Equalizer watch (an RTA in a wrist watch? I have no idea) to the person who uses those sounds to create a song that makes the whole world sing.

So how could I walk past this. A quick dash across to the audio PC, fire up Acid and Sound Forge (dont leave home etc) and a few hours of hysterical laughter and there you have my entry to the competition. It’s called hardrive01.mp3

It’s fun being a dilettante.

Have a go. You can hear some of the competition at Odeo. Mine is called Harddrive Stab. Silliest fun I have had for ages.

Update: Jools has just finished sending her entry in as well. Hers is called HardChill.mp3 I really like what she did with hers. It has an amazing groove sitting under it. Really nice.

Another Update: http://us.gizmodo.com/gadgets/announcements/hd-dying-dance-mix-contest-day-3-150787.php

Last Update: Neither of us won. But we did have fun

On the Road in North-West Scotland

OK. Back in 2003 Jools and I went to Scotland for a business trip and we wrote a website that we updated from on the road. It was called The Fellowship Of The Fur and we had a lot of fun doing it.

So there we were with the highlights of two and half thousand photos and a blog all uploaded and we felt pretty good about it. Jools and I chatted about how if we did this again we would get a GPS unit to make sure that we had the right caption under the right mountain.

The MapsAnd then I found On the Road in North-West Scotland
“Oh dear! This is what happens when a mad tourist straps a camera and a GPS to his Land Rover and shoots 2,968 photos”

Oh dear indeed.

Frederik Ramm is a software engineer in Karlsruhe, Germany, back in 2000 he strapped a digital camera and separate G.P.S. receiver to his car and drove around northern Scotland, he posted his results to the Web in the form of a geographically navigable travelogue. It’s got piccies, it’s got animated maps, it’s got adventure games instructions (Would you like to go North or East).

This guy wins ( I know it’s not a competition but he still wins). We have better jokes in our blog but I have to say this dude out weirds us. And to top it all off he details how to write the code that he used. You can find it in Frederik’s FAQ.

But there is a silver lining in all this.
Yep you guessed it.
We will just have to go back and do it again… properly this time. Now I wonder if I can hack the Mavica to accept a GPS unit and a link to Google Maps? Just a thought.

Ullapool here we come.

Weg makes a mug of a robber

I’m sorry but this just tickled me. I was riding on the train last week and reading over the persons next to me shoulder (rude of me I know… bad thatch) and as soon as I got home I had to see if there was a link with the rest of the story.

Weg makes a mug of a robber – The Age
AFTER a burglar broke into caricaturist Bill “Weg” Green’s Heathmont home on Sunday, it took the 82-year-old just seconds to draw his attacker.

Fifteen minutes later, patrolling police caught a suspect — and Mr Green’s drawing proved they had the right man.

Doesn’t the image of the police running down the street comparing people to a Weg caricature just crack you up.

Forensics, CSI, surveillance cameras… who needs ’em. We have ART.

For those who didn’t grow up in Melbourne, have a look at Weg’s website to get an idea of the sort of stuff he does.

I will stop giggling now.


Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20060123


A slight change of format this week. If you look at the bottom you will note that there is now an Unsubscribe and Update your details section. This means if some of you would prefer to change the address where your receive this email, you can make the changes yourself.

This is all being handled by a great little program called PHPlist ( open source of course) and you can find a link way way way down the bottom of the page for them.

Now that all the housekeeping is out of the way. On with the show

It’s a nostalgia week this week

c64s.com is a web site where you can play dozens of classic Commodore 64 games in your browser. The games run as Java applets and a few of them are a bit funky or slow, but there’s a huge selection to choose from. Warning: Extreme Impediment to Productivity. Don’t follow the link unless you’re prepared to lose a quite a few hours.

Continuing the nostalgia theme… over on the blog is a video from 1973 of Pink Floyd playing Careful with that Axe Eugene …live at Earls Court.

I think that’s probably enough nostalgia….

Moving along to something new, and obviously equally bandwidth intensive, we will probably end up getting this ad on our tele’s eventually, but the new Honda Civic commercial in the UK is based around a chorus who create all of the sound effects with their mouths. I absolutely love it. Hit the link to get to the Honda Civic page, skip the Flash intro, and then hit the “Watch” button.

Now for something a tad less bandwidth intensive.

In the mood for something crafty?
Oh, come on, it’ll be fun. Make-a-Flake isn’t new, but as it’s the middle of summer and the “new” trams airconditioning is less that adequate let’s pretend it’s snowing. You’ll find cutting the little folded piece of paper in this Flash toy pleasantly soothing. Just like the real thing, but no dead trees needed.

Spybot: The Nightfall Incidentis an awesome, free, turn-based strategy game from LEGO (yep the plastic block dudes). Your goal is to navigate the main map, conquering “nodes” along the way by engaging in battle. For each battle you choose a few of your “programs” which each have different attacks and abilities in order to kill all the enemy programs. It’s a fun and deep Shockwave game with cute graphics that really shouldn’t be missed.
{Memo to self: Have a look at the Spybotics toys}

Now don’t forget the to pop into the blog ( https://thatchspace.com/ ) for the odd update during the week.

Have a good one


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The Divide Part I

A few weeks back I had a conversation with a friend of mine. He is something of a rarity these days; he is a professional musician. And like all musicians everywhere he has an album in progress (even I have an album in progress and I’m just a dilettante rather than a musician).

So there I was waxing lyrical about how he should start pre-marketing the alleged album by maybe creating a blog, talking about the writing/recording process, maybe putting up a couple of samples so the punters could hear what it was going to sound like. All of this sounded like a good strategy to me. So I got the shock of my life when after a small think (and it was a very small think) he said “NO!”.
My first thought was “OK, it’s a time thing or maybe it’s a technology thing? We can deal with this”.
My next thought was “OK, it’s a … it’s a… Why the hell wouldn’t you?”

The answer gentle reader was that “people might steal my ideas”. Oh shit it’s the Metallica argument again. You know the one “ALL THE PUNTERS ARE THIEVES”.
Continue reading “The Divide Part I”

Long Long Ago, there was this band…

Ah Yes.. The “Were We Ever That Young?” department.

A long time ago, in a galaxy right here (all though at the time it seemed far far away), there was a band called Pink Floyd. These guys were the absolute pinnacle of “underground music” in a certain group of my friends, everyone had a well worn copy of Floyd’s Ummagumma and A Saucer Full of Secrets but they then went and released Dark Side of The Moon and made squillions, needless to say this sort of screwed up their impeccable underground starving musician cred (I will leave out all the caviar and Rolls Royce jokes).

So it’s time to set the controls on the wayback machine Sherman to 1973 and here is Pink Floyd playing Careful With That Axe Eugene at Earl’s Court from Google Video ( I have no idea how long this will last but I wouldn’t dawdle). Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Richard Wright and Nic Mason ( I love the clear plexiglass drums) do a great job here and after watching this I am really disappointed that I never had the opportunity to see them play back then (they were in England I was in Australia… tad tricky that one).

Hmmm, they dont make nostalgia like they used too.

Oooh. I just noticed this new thingy on the Google video page.

It plays video inside the blog. How cool is that?

Jools has just worked out that I wanted to be David Gilmour. Didn’t everyone? If you ever get a chance go and see “Live at Pompeii” in a theatre, it’s a treat.