HACE – Mmm

So you’ve been running on the same installation of Windows for ages and you may have noticed that some of the software you have installed adds stuff to the right-click menu, and you have also noticed that the rightclick menu is getting as long as a Chinese restaurant menu. While all these options can be […]


I like obsession and you really have to see this one to believe it. Some one has decided to to try to amalgamate the latest version of every known software driver in the universe onto one CD for the purposes of creating an unattended Windows XP setup disk that would work on literally any PC. […]

Speedup Adobe

We all are driven crazy by Adobe reader and it’s lack of speed on startup. It seems that it is loading a driver or dll for just about everything under the sun and well it turns out that there is a easy fix for it. Go to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat x.x\Reader\ (the x.x will be the […]