Bookmark Duplicate Detector

More Firefox Add in Goodness.

OK. Hands up everyone who has said the magic words ” I wonder if I already bookmarked this?”

Just about everyone. (I know Ihave over 500 of the damn things and find that I only really use about 30 or so regularly)

Well there is a really neat Firefox extension Bookmark Duplicate Detector that keeps an eye on your bookmarks and lets you know which bookmarks you’ve duplicated, along with warning you if you’re about to add a duplicated bookmark.

I’ll be honest here and say that I tend to use Scrapbook more often than bookmarks these days but if you manage a lot of bookmarks in your browser then this is for you.

Did I really have 3 links to techgeeks?


I am not sure about this one but dragdropupload will be popular I think.

Drop files into attachment boxes instead of browsing through all your folders for them or typing in the horrendously long file-name. It will accept multiple files and fill all the entries.
Works in Gmail as well so you can drop the files directly over the “Attach a file” link.

Kinda cool.

A Sidebar allows to drop files from a listing

So that’s where the WMD went

WMD Computer CaseThis came from digg and boing boing and about three other place/emails.
The general consensus?

We all want one. Let’s face it, it’s stainless steel, got blinky lights and makes just a great statement about “weapons of choice”

The article on how to build one of these cases,can be found at in the case modifications section underWMD Part II by G-gnome

G-gnome wanted to have a a completely custom-built computer case, out of stainless steel, that would look like the sort of atomic bomb that one sees in spy movies or on TV shows like 24. I would say that he has succeeded beyond anything I could ever have thought up.

Hollywood A bombs… what next. But wouldn’t it look great on your desk?

2006 Cereal Sightings

What is going on? Here we are halfway through May and all we have is one pathetic little attempt reported yesterday and there isn’t a decent crop circle reporting anywhere. Don’t believe me head over to Crop Circle Connectors 2006 Crop Circles page and check out the depressing NO CIRCLES REPORTED sign.

Personally I think the aliens have all buggered off to either Greece to pose as a band from Finland and win Eurovision or Germany to try and get a decent seat for the World Cup.

Even circlemakers have gone quiet. I chatted about about them back in August last year.

So all you can do is head to last years pages at Crop Circle Connector and just check out what they have to beat this year… if they ever get started for real.

Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20060522


Another week gone by, don’t you love the whooshing sound they make as they sail past? So if you are all seated comfy, I’ll begin.

Lets start with Blame (and nepotism)
Jools gets a guernsy again this week for her contribution to Eye Candy (just because they can)

Possible impedimentia here.

Thanks Jools. (and I am stealing the “impedimentia” tag)

I have this bizarre fascination with Lego. (We have talked about this before). We have two to look at this week.
No. 1 is a Pinball Machine, yep flashing lights, flippers and a bunch of power adaptors.
I quote
“Designed and built by Gerrit Bronsveld and Martijn Boogaarts, this fully functional pinball machine boasts a number of novel features, including a working coin slot (50 cent Euro coins only, please!), a functional tilt switch (to detect table movement), rotation bumpers (to generate extra ball speed) and an automatic ball-kickback mechanism. Thirteen RCX units were used to control all of the board functions, driven by custom programs written using the alternate NQC (Not Quite C) programming language. Gerrit and Martijn used more than 20,000 LEGO bricks in their creation, along with an equally impressive number of other elements”
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Bridging Office and OpenOffice

A friend of mine has decided to start writing again after a long hiatus. So in preparation for being a “starving” writer I decided to wean him off the Micro$oft habit (he can no longer afford it) and start him off down the road towards “Free Software” and choice.

My idea (as an opening bid) is to setup a laptop for hime, I will be running Ubuntu (we have talked about this before) and Open Office 2. OpenOffice 2.0 is arguably the premier free, open source office suite (no I am not getting into a debate on this one, alternate views can live in the comments).

It has a lot of similarity to M$ Office. But it isn’t identical and nor would we want it to be. M$Office has some real idiosyncrasies that I can live without in an ideal world. (I know because I setup my laptop to run with Ubuntu and Open Office as well).

So, knowing how to find and use some of these features which may not be where you expect to find them. Solveig Haugland (who runs a great resource called openofficeblogs) comes to our rescue with a post called Bridging the gap between Office and OpenOffice and explains how to use such OpenOffice features as the Draw tool, tabbed headers and footers (this is so much better than the Micr$oft Word way… well I think so). We also get how to custom create of colors (yes Bill there are more than 16 colours), how to share files and how M$ Office documents are compatible with OpenOffice.

I will let you know how he goes. So far he likes the Ubuntu Live CD and is finding Open Office more than meeting the challenge. Yes it can open his old Word docs and yes it can save them again. I would say he is about to away.

More news as it comes to hand.

Dont forget to have a look at as well

Update: My laptop is moving over to Fedora 5 for a while.

Saturday and MacGyver

It’s Saturday, I slept in and it’s obviously turning into a silly day.

For instance I was a big fan of the MacGyver series back when it was on tele. The lack of guns and lots of science always appealed and every problem in the world can be solved by a Swiss Army knife some bleach and some chocolate (this may explain my swiss army knife fetish), any way I was on wikipedia and mistyped the search item and look what I found… List of problems solved by MacGyver.

Someone (or lots of someones) is putting together a list of problems that were solved by MacGyver on an episode by episode basis.

Here is an example

The Eraser (2×02)

MacGyver repairs a post mix soda gun by bleeding off some built-up CO2 that has caused a valve to stick. He takes off the button panel of the soda gun, removes the troubled valve spindle (both with his Swiss Army knife) and inserts a miniature pirate’s sword from a plate of olives. Using the sword, he opens the valve to the CO2 line fully, and draws out the sword which lets it close naturally. Unverified. Terminology source. Approximate time: 9:30.

In order to bypass an electronic door lock, MacGyver shorts out the circuitry. He detaches the main circuit board from the door, which is on the back of a metal plate. Using a cut power cable from a nearby lamp, he applies electricity from the wall to two of the main points on the circuit board. These points are apparently wired to a switch on the inside of the door lock which is designed to pass a current through them when the switch is pressed. The resulting short circuit causes the lock to open. Unverified. Approximate time: 15:45.

When he needs to remotely control a car’s door locks, MacGyver connects the car’s mobile phone to its onboard computer’s signal lines for the door locks. Using his knife to open the back of the phone, he identifies the contacts where power is routed when the phone is taken off the hook. He opens a tube of wires and identifies, presumably based on color, the two wires which control the computer’s locking circuitry. He wraps one wire around each contact, reassembles the device, and waits at a nearby phonebooth. When the car’s owner gets in, he calls the phone and pretends to order a pizza. The doors lock when the owner puts the phone down. The doors unlock when MacGyver approaches the car and signals to pick up the phone. Unverified (researchers should know this episode aired Sept 29, 1986). Approximate time: 25:00.

The day continues on in much the same vein