Lightning Photography

Storm chaser Michael Bath has been photographing severe weather for almost twenty years. He’s archived hundreds of his beautiful photos of thunderstorms and lightning on his Web site, Lightning Photography Here are some of his Lightning Photo Tips I used a Nikon FG20 35mm SLR camera with 100 speed print film until June 2004, and […]

Australia, atoms and nuclear accidents

John Howard recently announced that Australia ( that’s the former democracy) is going to go nuclear. Now, he assures us that this decision will be thoroughly investigated. Pity it’s a decision already rather than a discussion. The Austrlian Green’s media release yesterday claims that Prime Minister John Howard wants to shut out the Australian public […]

Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20060626

Hi, Sorry but Monday has been cancelled. Yes I know what you are thinking… you just looked and it’s definitely there. But as far as I am concerned it’s still Sunday and I am going to be skipping straight to Tuesday. Sorry but it can’t be helped (recalcitrant code and pefidious PDF generators). The music […]