Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20060724

Hi, And here we are again, bright eyed bushy tailed (unlike last week). There are a few of you out there who and a tad bandwidth challenged, so here is a bit specially for you. These disturbingly funny conversations allegedly took place between air traffic controllers and pilots around the world. They are very funny […]


Following the tsunami that hit Southeast Asia on Boxing Day in 2004, the open source community of Sri Lanka got together to develop a disaster management system in three weeks, spearheaded by the Lanka Software Foundation, a FOSS R&D non-profit organization in Sri Lanka, with contributions from about 80 volunteer developers. Sahana is the resulting […]

Squish This

I just found this great 3 part article on Compressors by Rip Rowan called Squish This!. If you have ever wondered about audio compressors and why recent CD’s sound the way they do read this. Here is the hype… The most challenging tools for newcomers to the recording scene to understand are dynamics processors: compressors, […]