2006 Cereal Sightings

What is going on? Here we are halfway through May and all we have is one pathetic little attempt reported yesterday and there isn’t a decent crop circle reporting anywhere. Don’t believe me head over to Crop Circle Connectors 2006 Crop Circles page and check out the depressing NO CIRCLES REPORTED sign.

Personally I think the aliens have all buggered off to either Greece to pose as a band from Finland and win Eurovision or Germany to try and get a decent seat for the World Cup.

Even circlemakers have gone quiet. I chatted about about them back in August last year.

So all you can do is head to last years pages at Crop Circle Connector http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/2005/2005.html and just check out what they have to beat this year… if they ever get started for real.

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