Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20060918


Went and saw Ian play a solo gig yesterday, it wasn’t too shabby even if it was at the Greyhound. I threatened him with violence if he didn’t play Kilkunda Wind, you can hear an old demo for it here,

So on with the show,
Jools continues her support with this snippet

“What can I say? Is this a MM Impediment or what? This is for my friend Sue who finds homes for unwanted little doggies. (I know a cat or two who’d like to help.)
Jools ”
And this one feeding my Lego obsession (no I don’t play with it, I had to do remedial blocks at kindergarten… I am just fascinated by the people who do. I mean why would you want build a replica of New
York. Really?)
Or there’s this iPod holder over at Instructables, complete with instructions and a parts list (perfect for the building block challenged).

Now for the Flash challenged readers out there (Hi Allied), here is a site that just requires a browser and a bunch of time, Oh it’s Monday… so all you need to find is the browser. Now this is a serious Impediment. Blufr, is a website that shows you a random statement, like “Mike Tyson has a Ph D” or “Tolstoy’s “War and Peace” was originally entitled “War, What Is It Good For?”.” and then you hit the “No way” or “Way!” button depending how implausible you think the statement is and then Blufr tells you whether or not you’ve been bluffed.
And really, who knew about Mike Tyson.

Hands up everyone who likes David Lynch… Hmmm Ok, hands up everyone who watched Twin Peaks? OK (not doing well here) How about Dune?
OK why not stroll over to and checkout one of the weirder cigarette ad’s I have ever seen and if you some bandwidth leftover, this Playstation ad was allegedly done by him as well. Think Bambi meets Godzilla: The Revenge

Today’s Flash game is an extremely simple game (the game’s simple… it’s the winning that’s tricky): You pilot a car/ship/thingy down a pseudo-3D track, dodging obstacles and jumping gaps along the way. Fortunately there’s no time limit and your lives are unlimited, and you’ll be glad for both.
The person who made this game is a bad bad person.

And lastly some of the highlights from over at
Jools found a site tha had music AND a Flash game. how’s that for a Monday piece
I found Poets of the Fall, worth a listen just on the strength of the name
I am not sure about Godewind, Jools found them and their version of Puff is a hoot
As usual have a good one

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