Aliens In Oregon

By now a lot of will be aware of my obsession with crop circles, mainy because “cereal art” is just so wonderfully ephemeral that I cant help but be fascinated. If you have ever wondered about how these things are made ( the ones that the aliens didn’t do) then this is the post for you.

Firefox Logo in a fieldThose of you who read subscribe to the “Monday” list will also be aware of my concerns about the lack of quality pieces available from England this year and there was a rant just last week as well.

A team in America (The Oregon State Linux Users Group to be precise) has sort of “raised the bar and created a 45,000+ square foot crop circle of the Firefox logo in an Amity, Oregon oat field (and they asked for permission?????). It took them a fortnights planning and a team of 12 around 14 hours to create the image in the field of oats (sounds like a movie I once saw … If you crush it, they will come). And of course being Americans, they documented the whole process with lots of photos of the field before, during, and after the circle’s making at Oregon State University Website.

Now why would they do this? To celebrate the 200 millionth download of Firefox of course. Why else?

Or this is yet another cover up and misdirection by the “powers that be” to divert our attention away from the aliens efforts to attract our attention. There’s never a smoking man around when you need one.

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