Australia, atoms and nuclear accidents

John Howard recently announced that Australia ( that’s the former democracy) is going to go nuclear. Now, he assures us that this decision will be thoroughly investigated. Pity it’s a decision already rather than a discussion.

The Austrlian Green’s media release yesterday claims that

Prime Minister John Howard wants to shut out the Australian public from his nuclear review, making a lie of his call for a ‘full-blooded debate’, Australian Greens energy spokesperson Senator Christine Milne said today.

“Reports today that the hand-picked review panel will not hold public hearings and probably won’t call for public submissions show just what a sham the process is,” Senator Milne said in Alice Springs.

“Prime Minister Howard said he wanted a ‘full-blooded debate’ about whether Australia should go down the nuclear track but he doesn’t want to hear what Australians have to say on the matter,” Senator Milne said.

“Instead, the panel will ask selected individuals to make submissions, and even these may not be released to the public until after the review panel reports to the Prime Minister.

SO when the pundits tell us how safe this stuff is, it might be worth popping over to Lasting News, who have produced a timely Google map of nuclear_accidents around the world.

I will bet there are a lot more there than you knew about ( I could only name 6).This map displays information about the most important nuclear accidents and disasters relying on a well-documented Wikipedia source.

Here are some other pages to cast an eye over.

Oh and just in case it wasn’t obvious, NO NUKES FOR AUSTRALIA.

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