Bookmark Duplicate Detector

More Firefox Add in Goodness.

OK. Hands up everyone who has said the magic words ” I wonder if I already bookmarked this?”

Just about everyone. (I know Ihave over 500 of the damn things and find that I only really use about 30 or so regularly)

Well there is a really neat Firefox extension Bookmark Duplicate Detector that keeps an eye on your bookmarks and lets you know which bookmarks you’ve duplicated, along with warning you if you’re about to add a duplicated bookmark.

I’ll be honest here and say that I tend to use Scrapbook more often than bookmarks these days but if you manage a lot of bookmarks in your browser then this is for you.

Did I really have 3 links to techgeeks?


I am not sure about this one but dragdropupload will be popular I think.

Drop files into attachment boxes instead of browsing through all your folders for them or typing in the horrendously long file-name. It will accept multiple files and fill all the entries.
Works in Gmail as well so you can drop the files directly over the “Attach a file” link.

Kinda cool.

A Sidebar allows to drop files from a listing

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