Boot up Windows before you even log in

This is one of those really clever ideas that about thirty seconds after you read it and it digests, you slam yourself on the forehead and make “Doh” noises.

BrainFuel » Boot up Windows before you even log in by Thomas Chapin

If you don’t use any Windows XP login security, then you can skip this article. Otherwise, if you are like many Windows XP users who have to enter a password every time their computer sluggishly boots up, then read this!

Ok. Here’s the scenario:

You have to wait 2 minutes while your computer turns on, checks the RAM, checks that all the stuff that was there last time is still there, sends out for coffee and pizza, and you have to sit in front of your computer during this whole time because once it finally gets to the login screen, you have to type in the password.

Then the computer then crunches numbers for another 2 minutes while it loads all the crap that lives in your system tray, checks AGAIN that all the stuff that was there last time is still there, sends out for more coffee and after what seems like three separate eternities (with no intermission or toilet breaks) you finally have access to your desktop and can play Solitaire.

How would you like your computer to load all those programs *before* you ever have to enter your password? You could press the button to power up your system and you could go get a cup of coffee. Five minutes later, you back come to your desk and type in your password. BAM! Instantly dropped to the desktop! Your programs are already running and all systems are a go!

So have a look at the article and follow the really detailed instructions and then sit back and watch it all happen.

Thanks for this one Thomas, I have already got my laptop doing it (and the bruises on my forehead are finally fading).


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