BoxCloud – Really Really Simple File Sharing

Back in early March I had a look at the whole emailin bloody big files thing, see Send Large Files Easily. Since then it’s all gotten a lot trickier. Eventually you are going to find that sometimes email isn’t enough.

For instance, what are you going to do with that 50 meg photo that you have to send to 5 people (that’s 250M folks, your entire Bigpond budget account’s bandwidth in one fell swoop).

Well instead of uploading it 5 times, how about uploading it just once to some place on the internet and then tell everyone where it is.

Good plan except for one little gotcha. Where exactly is that place? Well maybe it’s your PC, stroll over to BoxCloud for some “Dead-simple file sharing”

Let’s start with some hype…

BoxCloud is a dead simple way for sharing files with people you know. We feel that sharing files today is much harder than it needs to be:

Email is a pain to use for large files
Online storage solutions have size restrictions
FTP servers are not for everyone

BoxCloud’s drag and share functionality makes sharing files a snap through a small application you install on your desktop. You decide what to share and with whom. Once shared, people can then access your files using a regular browser – they don’t need to download or configure anything. The web-based interface is so simple even your grandparents will use it.
No holds barred

and here is the BIGGY folks, they let you share the files without making the person you are sending it to signup (and a good thing as it’s a 17M download). How cool is that?

Have a look and see what you think.

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