Bye Bye 2005

Bye Bye 2005
(No we wont have a bad bad parody of American Pie here).

It has been interesting to say the least.

The blog was kicking around for a few months but really started up in August.
Since then it has served up 15,000 pages.

There are currently 212 posts and 23 comments

By a 30% margin Firefox is the most popular browser (woo hoo).

Most of the traffic is referred by Google and that’s how people find us.

The most popular post was the one about the National Geographic article that predicted the outcome of Katrina a year in advance.

Rapidly followed by the “Impediment To Productivity” posts.

And one that makes me very happy that it is being followed up on. “Suspicious behaviour on the tube” post is in the top 10. the post about the reporter who was arrested in London for playing with his computer and wearing a coat. Maybe this year we can stop some of these intrusive laws.

There haven’t been many comments ( what can you say? ) but the numbers reveal a lot of lurkers.

So there you have a mini review of what the blog is doing I hope you had a good New Year and that 2006 will be way more fun.

Hello 2006. (I wonder if it will be friends with me?)


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