Bye Bye Balloons

OK. Hands up everyone who hates the little ballon things down in the system tray?
Thought so, everyone.

Well over at Techie Corner is a fabulous little post entitled How to disable balloon notification in Windows XP – T

Here is the hype..

Sometimes notification are good to remind you if you forget something,
if the notification keep prompt you for something then it’s a bit frustrating.
It’s just like the balloon notification in microsoft windows xp.

To disable balloon notification in win xp, simply follow the steps below:-

  • Click Start => Run => enter regedit
  • Look for HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ Advance
  • create a DWORD value (or edit it if it’s already exists) named EnableBalloonTips with value 0
  • Click registry editor
  • Log off win xp and login again. (You sort of knew that one was coming)

The balloon notification should be disabled by now

The usual scary reminders about messing with the Registry apply. DO a backup, and be careful.
Remember, if it breaks “its all your fault”.

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