Camera Hacks

Got given a camera for Christmas? Back at work and wondering what to do with it after having taken the obligatory sunset/sporting event/drunk mates (and no they never pay up so you can cross blackmail of the list).

Well give Camera Hacker: Hacks a look, They have posted thirty-some DIY hacks that you can use to extend your camera and it’s facilities, and they even have a dead tree version.

Tutorials range from hacking digital cameras (e.g., accessing memory stick duo in a memory stick reader without an adapter) to building camera mounts for your bicycle and car (hmm that trip around Scotland rears it’s ugly head again) to building your own hand trigger.

And pursuing the GPS fetish that little bit further. The D2X-GPS is an integrated solution for tagging digital still images with GPS data.

Using a consumer, off-the-shelf GPS unit and the industry leading Nikon D2X & D200 camera, the DX-GPS allows users to directly capture geospatially referenced images in the easiest, most reliable collection method today.

You take the high road and dumdumdedumdum {humming off into the distance}

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