Dapper Drake Arrives (Ubuntu 6.06 LTS)

The much-anticipated (by my laptop at the very least) Ubuntu 6.06 LTS has officially been released. Ready for enterprise deployment, the 6.06 release is the first to feature the availability of long-term support on both servers and desktop computers. Ubuntu is a multi award winning Linux distribution with it’s main emphasis on being usable. It’s populated with stable versions of the usual suspects (OpenOffice.org 2.0.2 etc) and a wide variety of cutting edge Linux software.

Ubuntu installation disk images are available for download for x86, AMD64, and PPC.

This release has a number of spiffy improvements, including a faster startup and login, a new Live CD with an integrated graphical installer (think Simply Mepis), integration of the GNOME Power Manager, and optional support for NetworkManager. It also has support for installing Ubuntu on a USB drive (including flash drives), and comes with a new upgrade tool that simplifies the process of migrating from one major release to another.

There is a server edition also available for download, with complete support for Ubuntu’s certified LAMP stack, which can be installed with a single command (woo hoo). Click on the download link and grab a copy. Oh yeah you need at least 192M of ram for this one.

Well I know what I am doing this weekend, my laptop gets a new OS.

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