Disable Error Reporting in XP

How often have you been sitting there using your PC for “productivity related” issues (ie NOT Solitaire) and the software crashes and that cute little reminder that we are all Microsoft’s unpaid BETA testers pops up with the annoyingly familiar message

“{insert your program name here} program ended unexpectedly.
Do you want to send an error report to Microsoft?”

I mentally add another notch to the “Reasons to move to Linux” stick and press “Don’t Send.”

But the good news is that there is a simple way to permanently turn it off and Daniel at petri.co.il has written a very simple step by step. You can find it at
Disable Error Reporting in Windows XP/2003

OK This is the pay attention bit.
To turn off the Error Reporting feature in Windows XP/2003 do the following:

      Go to Control Panel.

      Click System.

      Go to the Advanced tab.

      Click Error Reporting.

      Click the “Disable Error Reporting” radio box, but select the “But notify me when Critical Errors Occur”.

Cool Huh? Thanks Daniel.

OH The bad news… there is no way to stop the crashes… it’s Windows.


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