Firefox Zealotry: An assortment

We haven’t done Firefox zealotry for a while.

Lets start with getting rid of the download window by using the Download Statusbar by Devon Jensen

The Download Statusbar Firefox extension gives you a small visual representation of your downloads at the bottom of your browser window, forgoing Firefox’s (occasionally annoying) default download window. It gives you a discrete view of your recent downloads, hides when you’re not using it, and lets you easily manage opening, clearing, renaming, or deleting downloaded files without ever leaving your main browser window. You will love this one

Next up lets have a look at the Tiny Menu by Anthony Lieuallen
The Tiny Menu Firefox extension compresses all the menu items into one pulldown, a great place to store those “less frequently used items”.

After you install Tiny Menu and restart Firefox. It will compress the menu bar down to one item called “Menu”, this now contains all the normal menus as sub-menus. Right-click on a toolbar and select “Customize.”
Next drag all of the items from the navigation bar up to the menu bar, one a time. (Yes I know it will be a tad tedious). What you are doing is combining the menu bar and the navigation toolbar. Click on DONE when you are finished and then right-click on a toolbar and un-select the navigation toolbar.

It’s amazing how quicly you notice it missing when you use “normal” browser.

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