Led ThrowiesThe Graffiti Research Lab is a site that is dedicated to outfitting graffiti writers and artist with open source technologies for urban communication. They have people currently working in the lab and in the field to develop and test a range of experimental technologies for the state-of-the-art graffiti writer

Here is an instructional video about Electro-Graf

Dossier #2 from the Graffiti Research Lab: the Electro-Graf. An electro-graf is a graffiti piece or throw-up that uses conductive spray-paint and magnet paint to embed LED display electronics. The following pages describe the materials and processes used to create the prototype indoor and outdoor interactive electro-grafs created in the lab at Eyebeam.

Stroll over to http://graffitiresearchlab.com/?page_id=13 and have a look at the video.

And then there’s LED Throwies ( to watch the video of the first campaign). These are an inexpensive way to add color to any ferromagnetic surface in your neighborhood. A Throwie consists of a lithium battery, a 10mm diffused LED and a rare-earth magnet taped together. Throw it up high and in quantity to impress your friends and city officials.

This is fascinating. I am so tempted to drag out my soldering iron….


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