Eye Candy – Desktop Backgrounds Part II

Here is Part II of the Eye Candy posts.

I am still wandering through these sites looking for something new… here is this weeks lot.

Sensitive Light ThumbLets start with Sensitive Light. These seem to be mainly English and pretty. They are the work of Graham Jeffery (he lives in Hinckley a small market town in the middle of England). Although the insect ones are a bit strange for my taste, I mean it’s bad enough finding bugs in the code … The landscapes are wonderful. (Hmm. Jools should turn some of her pictures from our trips into wallpapers)

Caedes NautilusNext up is Caedes, there are hours and hours of stuff here. But start by checking out the rework gallery. As near as I can work out, one person uploads a picture and another person processes it. The Nauitilus shell is on my short list.

And the last one for today is VladStudio
From the site…

I specialize in web design and development, database-driven sites, skins, icons, logotypes and collateral graphics. In my spare time, I create wallpapers for your desktop.

Vlad has some quite nice stuff here that made it on to my short list as well.

Oh well, we shall keep looking. Part three next week.

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