Fantasy Novel Title Generator

This is silly.Fantasy Title Screen

Picture this… the camera pulls back from the view over the terrace and slowly pans along the library shelves.

Row upon row of book bindings.

You squint through the camera lens and discover that the props dept have forgotten to put titles on the books.

Not to worry, “We can fix it in post”.

But these are litigous times my friend ( ask Google about book publishers). So you cant just whip out the Times best seller list and whack a few names on them. Oh no. (If the publishers don’t get you the Times will).

The answer of course ( as it always is ) is on the internet, specifically the Fantasy Novel Title Generator by Steven Savage of Seventh Sanctum.

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  1. lololol!!! UR GONNA WRITE MORE RITE?!!! keep up the good work!! PLZ PLZ PLZ WRITE MORE!!! lolololol –.o0 me 0o.

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