Freecell and Solitaire (Midweek Monday)

This is going to get me in so much trouble.

While strolling around the other day looking for some Java code (as we all do), I noticed an all too familiar looking screen.

Freecell, this is quite possibly the second most used application in the world after Solitaire,

Now yes I realised that you have a copy on your PC but for those of you out there who’s PC’s have been locked down by the “network nazi’s… that would be me. Here is a web based solution, and it also plays on your Java enabled mobile phone.

Speaking of Solitaire. Have you ever wondered who to blame for this amazing Impediment to Productivity? The answer believe it or not is as easy as opening the Help menu and clicking About. The person to blame is a dude called Wes Cherry. This guy single handedly brought the industrial world to a standstill, productivity wise (OK so I exaggerate a lot)

By the way if you want to find about a million different versions have a look at SolitaireCentral or the Wikipedia

Have fun

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