GMail Bits II

It seems that Gmail is nearing the end of it’s long journey out of BETA testing according to Mitchell Bingemann at PC World

Seethe article at PC World – News – Gmail parties in Australia without invitation

Australian and New Zealand residents are the first in the world to be able sign up for Gmail without having to scrounge for invites from existing users.

As of today, users can sign-up to Google’s Web-based e-mail program by simply registering on the site

“As we prepare to broaden availability, we have decided to launch these efforts in Australia and New Zealand first,” said a Google Australia spokesperson.

So if you want to pick up an email account which currently offers over 2.7GB of free space, built-in Google search technology and spam protection. Head over to and apply.

Oh if you are wondering what to do with 2.7G of storage how about a backup of your WordPress blog?

Have a look at » Blog Archive » Daily backups for WordPress with Gmail

Daily WordPress backups using Gmail

1. First off, get a Gmail account. Why Gmail? Because it’s free, wicked handy and has the highest free storage rate out there that I know of. Since the point of this is to back up your blog in case your site should crash and die, you don’t want to be using any email address associated with your domain as that could also fail with the rest of your site. It’s not too hard to get a Gmail account. Find someone that has one and ask for an invite. I have something like 50 invites, so email me if you need one. I created one called davebgimp.backup for this purpose.

and so on.

Amazing what you can do isn’t it?

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