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This is the kind of morning I like. A sunny autumn day in Melbourne and presents.

No it’s not a birthday or anything like that it’s just that Scrapbook (probably my favourite Firefox extension) had yet another update and Google Notebook is here. I have nattered about Scrapbook before so let’s have a look at Google Notebook

Google is calling it “an online ‘notebook’ where you can organise all your research (where did I leave that mp3 site link?) add your personal comments to , and then optionally share it with your friends, A better description might be a web based clipboard, because you can cut and paste text, pictures etc into and then access it from the web at a later date.

Here is some of the blurb

# Clip useful information.
You can add clippings of text, images and links from web pages to your Google Notebook without ever leaving your browser window.

# Organize your notes.
You can create multiple notebooks, divide them into sections, and drag-and-drop your notes to stay organized.

# Get access from anywhere.
You can access your Google Notebooks from any computer by using your Google Accounts login.

# Publish your notebook.
You can share your Google Notebook with the world by making it public.

Like Scrapbook, Google Notebook uses a browser extension that lets you mark the stuff you want to keep on the page, then right click it and it gets added Google Notebook, which you can then retrieve later from any web browser.

So which is better? Simple answer… BOTH.

But don’t take my word for it.

UPDATE: Here are a couple of similar products that I have been pointed to.

  • Also here is a dissenting review by Marc Orchant.

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    1. I’m loving Google Notebook. I got the Firefox extension for it and it’s working great.

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