GParted live CD


Linux zealotry time.

Need a way to resize NTFS partitions, mirror disk images, or otherwise muck about with disk partitions and cant afford or don’t want to use a proprietary package like Partition Magic (good product, serious price)?

Answer yes to any of the above?

If so, have we got a tool for you. Enter stage left … the GNOME Partition Editor.

GParted is an excellent open source tool for the task and seeing as how the GParted team released the GParted live CD version 0.2.4-2 recently, it was obviously good time to take GParted for a walk around the bock and see how it did.

GParted handles Ext2, Ext3, FAT16, FAT32, JFS, ReiserFS, Reiser4, NTFS, XFS, and other filesystem formats. At a bare minimum, GParted can detect, read, copy, and create partitions using those file systems and, in some cases, can shrink, expand, and move partitions.

You really need to check out the features section over at the GParted site for the full spec.

I already have a copy of the CD in the toolkit and will be trying out the USB version as soon as I can.

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