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Larry Robinson Celtic Guitar

Oh Yes folks, it’s Guitar Eye Candy time again.

First lets stroll over to the Robinson Custom Inlays website and be amazed.

I quote from the site
“Welcome to the world of fine handcrafted abalone and mother of pearl inlays. All the images you will see on these pages are the output of Larry Robinsons shop in Northern California, without the aid of computer – controlled cutting machines or other duplicating devices.”

Some of these are just amazing. Check out the 1,000,000th Martin. Absolutely over the top. and have a look at the detail on the soundhole screen. Drop dead gorgeous.

Truly amazing work.

Baphomet guitar by UVAAnd now on to the ridiculous (all though I have to say I want one). The Baphomet by UVA, the guitar design is based on the so-called Sigil of Baphomet, which has quite peculiar history. Back in 14th century, the order of Knights Templar was accused by the Inquisition for worshipping the Idol of Baphomet. A word on inlay: there are about 150 pieces of hand-cut inlay. Materials include eleven different types of shell and wood. No computers, automation or CNC routers were used. (What is with these guys and computers???).

Some other choice bits of hyperbole
“First of all, you cannot describe the sound of Baphomet anything other than pure evil. ” (I rather like that one)
“The darkest and most daring guitar ever made… … Do you Dare ..?”
“DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! Please, contact us for pricing, questions and comments.”

and The Price … a mere 10K US.

If the baddies from the Dan Brown books formed a band, this is their guitar.

Still, I wouldn’t say no….



  1. The baphomet is a grogeous guitar so is the keltic one? is it keltic? how much are they? and the baphomet has floyd rosE?

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