HFS – Http File Server

Geek Alert: Technical post ahead.

Talk about dichotomies, HFS is either a nifty little tool or a a potential nightmare. Allow me to illustrate.

Imagine this you are at a site and the “network nazis” have it all locked up, no cd burner, so that without a password you can’t access the shared files on a clients PC, you may need them for backup purposes or to transfer to an accountant, whatever. Load up HFS and the PC is now a webserver. One file no messing around, instant webserver.

The upside is that you can now transfer the files, the bad news is you just punched a hole in the network security.

So allow me to Introduce the fabulously handy HFS – Http File Server. As I said, what makes it brilliant is that it is ONE file, you bung it on a PC drop the files you want to share into it and then everyone on the network can download (or upload) to it. Oh it also serves flat html pages if you need to read technical docs.

I have put a copy of this into my Portable Office setup, and I used it yesterday to get around a similar situation described above. It worked brilliantly.

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