Hiding Email Addresses

This is a popular recurring (and probably endless) topic of conversation.

But thanks to Sarven Capadisli’s post on
hiding email addresses it may be a thing of the past ( dont you love optimism?).

Sarven has compiled a list of various methods for hiding email addresses from email spam bots and then crtiques their positives and negatives.

Here is an example

i. Plain

/* Output on screen */

The good: Since this is the standard way of defining an email address, it is bound to work in any user-agent and has good usability. If the browser is capable of opening an external email client, then it's all for the better. This requires no additional technologies.

Unfortunately, email harvesters finds this just way too easy.

There is a lot of really good info here and if nothing else you will see how the “bad guys” end up knowing your email address.


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