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Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte have been podcasting for a while now. Just at the moment they have a couple of pieces about How the Internet Works, Part 1 and Part 2

During episode 25, Leo and Steve briefly discuss the ‘Kama Sutra’ virus that will become destructive on February 3rd. A discussion of PC World Magazine’s recent ten top anti-malware systems. And finish of with part one of a close look at the history and detailed operation of the global Internet.

Episode 26 has part 2 of “How the Internet Works,” they discuss the operational details of the Internet’s two main data-carrying protocols: UDP and TCP.

Do you care? Probably not but it’s still good stuff.

Options for downloading (are these guys completists or what)?

You can have it as a

High quality 64 kbps mp3 audio file
Quarter size, bandwidth-conserving, 16 kbps (lower quality) mp3 audio file
A web page with any supplementary notes
A web page text transcript of the episode
A simple text transcript of the episode
Ready-to-print PDF transcript (your very own dead tree version)

Feeling intimidated by that level of organisation? I know I am.

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