Computer books and Car Noises

Computer Books, there seems to be millions of them except when you go into one of your favourite bookstores looking for that one book in particular.

In Pictures computer how-to books are new kid on the block and are working on the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words by creating books that are graphic based rather than text. According to InPics most computer books contain over 50,000 words(that would be that Exchange server manual I looked at last week), In Pictures books contain one-tenth as many.

So rather than put up a few sample chapters so that you can check out a typical In Pictures book, for an (unspecified) limited time, In Pictures books can be downloaded for free. They think the best way to promote them is to let people try them. If you like them, spread the word!

Hmm that viral marketing is getting more and more popular and don’t forget to buy the odd dead tree version. Stroll over to In Pictures: Computer books based on pictures, not text. and check them out. The subjects covered are

computer basics
Windows XP – Mac OS X Tiger – Linspire – Palm Devices

microsoft office
Access 2003- Excel 2003 – PowerPoint 2003 – Word 2003 – Publisher 2003
Base 2.0 – Calc 2.0 – Impress 2.0 – Writer 2.0

web layout
Dreamweaver 8 – FrontPage 2003 – HTML & CSS

web graphics
Photoshop CS2 – Fireworks 8 – Photoshop Elements 4.0

web programming
MySQL Basics – PHP Basics – PERL Basics

Its a pretty wide list. The PDF’s are quite of readable resolution and the content is pretty good. Worth a look.

Now if fiction is more your cuppa,

BMW has commissioned four short stories that feature their cars (makes a change from the butler did it) and produced audiobooks of them, which are available as free, non-DRMed MP3s on their site. They require an unverified email address to get you in.

Presently, they’re featuring stories by Don Winslow, James Flint, Simon Kernick and Karin Slaughter. From the site…

Put on your seatbelt and prepare for highs, lows and plenty of twists and turns. BMW, in conjunction with Random House, brings you BMW Audio Books, a unique series of specially- commissioned short stories showcasing the work of some of the finest contemporary writing talent. Each gripping audio book is yours to download for free. Listen to them on your MP3 player, your laptop or ideally, in the car. So sit back, hit play and enjoy the ride.

Download them from BMW and pop them on your MP3 player or PC and make car driving noises while you are listening.

Brmmm Brm Brm Squeal brrrrmmmmmmm ….

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