Clean up Your Laptop

Website Laptop Logic has posted a pretty cool guide highlighting several freeware utilities for getting the most out of your Windows powered laptop.

There will always be better utilities out there, thats the nature of software, but with this series of guides I intend to present the best all-around programs for laptop users in some very specific areas. In this edition you will read about utilities that help improve, tweak, test, and display vital information about the basic hardware in your machine.

The article is a good mix of maintenance and tweaking software ( some I’d not heard of and some old favourites), and there are sure to be a couple that any laptop owner (or PC owner, for that matter) will find handy.

Here is what they say about defrags. Resources Page 4
O&O Defrag 2000 harkens back to the old Microsoft defrag software where disk clusters were represented by blocks, not by lines that form some kind of abstract art like in the more recent version. The reason I chose this utility over many of the others out there wasn’t just because of the software’s ease of use and quick execution, but because the program provides a very detailed summary of what happened during the operation which can help you diagnose other problems if they exist. Never lose that hidden extra space again with O&O Defrag 2000 Freeware Edition.

A really good article.

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