Have a need for a database?

Who doesn’t. Address books, CD LIsts, mailing lists, the footy tipping, all are candidates.

Access to hard to deal with?

MySql sound like alphabet soup?

And lets not even start about wiki’s…

Welcome to Lazybase

Lazybase is a web-based database app that fits the “simplest thing that could possibly work” paradigm. It’s not flashy (or even AJAXy), but it’s clean, easy to use, and it just works. It’s a registrationless service, so to create a new database you just give it a name and enter your e-mail address.

When you create a database you’re given two URLs, one that lets people edit the database and another that’s just for viewing. Though simple, Lazybase has a few nice advanced features like graphs and maps, relationships (like books to authors), import from Excel, RSS feeds, and bookmarklets. It also has a feature that lets you embed a live database view into any web site. If you’re looking for an easy, free way to keep structured data online, this could be your toy.


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