Long Long Ago, there was this band…

Ah Yes.. The “Were We Ever That Young?” department.

A long time ago, in a galaxy right here (all though at the time it seemed far far away), there was a band called Pink Floyd. These guys were the absolute pinnacle of “underground music” in a certain group of my friends, everyone had a well worn copy of Floyd’s Ummagumma and A Saucer Full of Secrets but they then went and released Dark Side of The Moon and made squillions, needless to say this sort of screwed up their impeccable underground starving musician cred (I will leave out all the caviar and Rolls Royce jokes).

So it’s time to set the controls on the wayback machine Sherman to 1973 and here is Pink Floyd playing Careful With That Axe Eugene at Earl’s Court from Google Video ( I have no idea how long this will last but I wouldn’t dawdle). Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Richard Wright and Nic Mason ( I love the clear plexiglass drums) do a great job here and after watching this I am really disappointed that I never had the opportunity to see them play back then (they were in England I was in Australia… tad tricky that one).

Hmmm, they dont make nostalgia like they used too.

Oooh. I just noticed this new thingy on the Google video page.

It plays video inside the blog. How cool is that?

Jools has just worked out that I wanted to be David Gilmour. Didn’t everyone? If you ever get a chance go and see “Live at Pompeii” in a theatre, it’s a treat.



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