Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20060102


Well a lot of you will have settled back into the old routine and need a bit of cheering up and distraction.

Let’s begin with some “Blame”. This weeks distraction comes from Phil, you remeber him from last years finer efforts. Well here is an opening salvo for this years blame competition.
I quote”
Just found this event. Anyone care to organise one here?
Phil ”
I have to tell just thinking about this one stuffed up my day.

If you have fond memories of Elvis Costello’s “Watching The Detectives” DONT go to the “In House with Jeremy Petersen” blog. Tere you can download and listen to Elvis Costello and a 50 piece big band doing there best to damage your brain. Killer performance (check out the solo’s) but not the song I remember.

Now a flash game. Today’s offering comes from the excellent Orisinal collection: Bugs. Bugs is a serene little Flash game the object of which is to scare away, but not kill, the colorful bugs. You control the little girl with your mouse. Holding it down will make a bubble grow around her, and letting it go will make her jump. The bigger the bubble the higher she’ll jump and the more bugs she’ll scare away when she lands, but don’t let the bugs touch the bubble or it’ll pop. You must guide her as she lands so she drops near as many bugs as possible (so as to scare them away), but if you land on three of them you lose. (I am so not making this up).

When we were in England last we were introduced to squirrels (we will skip the nut’s jokes I think) and they are cute agrressive little rodents with the mugging skills of the tin rattlers at Flinders Street Station (dont ask). Which brings us to, Swoop-to-Nuts. The object is to collect the nuts without running out of energy or hitting the ground. You control the flying squirrel with the mouse. Moving it right will cause him to dive quickly; moving it left will make him slow down and climb. Climbing uses up energy, which is replenished by collecting nuts. Collecting several nuts in a row multiplies your score, but missing a nut will cost you energy. If you’re really daring you can swoop up into the sky and try to collect stars for big points, but it’s difficult and yields no energy. If you slow down too much or run out of energy, you’ll tumble to the ground—game over.

This one is brain damaging. Splash Back is a fun and challenging Flash puzzle game with great graphics and sounds. You start out with a game board filled with green blobs of various size. You have a tank of green liquid and can add a drops, on at a time, to any of the blobs. When a blob reaches a certain size, adding a drop causes it to burst, which in turn sends drops flying in the four cardinal directions. You can use this last fact to your advantage by causing chain reactions, which earn you extra drops in your tank. You beat each level by clearing the board of blobs, but beware: your tank isn’t replenished after each level, so you’ll need to conserve.

Have you had a listen to CC365 yet. If not go over and check it out. This is so much fun. Sunday morning was Jazz,
Last Friday was Indie pop? Folk rock? Americana?
Who cares? I loved it. DOnt get me wrong there have been some bits that styart to push the envelope but I try and listen to everything (draw the line at Turkish nose flutes though). Music should be fun and exciting and stretch you and excite you and it isn’t supposed to be safe. This is great fun and I am going to keep annoying you about it.

Now dont forget the to pop into the blog ( ) for the odd update during the

Also let me know if you don’t want this any more



{ Currently listening to Bruce Springsteen (still) and the stuff from CC365 and Cat Power (who I have decided I dont get) }
{ Quick Status Check: Oh Yeah. Still going to hell. }

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