Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20060102


Happy New Year and welcome to the “Impediment To Productivity: New Year Games Special”

It has come to my attention that the holiday period is rapidly drawing
to a close for a lot of you and that you will all be back at work
tomorrow, so I thought that a small Impediment To Productivity was in
order. I hope that you are all well (cause I have the flu… 35+ degrees
and I have the flu… go figure)

Lets begin shall we.

Spaced Penguin is a wicked little time waster. You pull back the penguin
and try and sling shot him back to his spacecraft. Currently on Level 15
with 138535 in 20 tries.

In a similar vein there is Yetisports
You have to register and logon but there is some really fun stuff
( and yes Andi that is the original and only mildly bad taste Pingu
Throw and Pingu Throw SE’s been updated so you can control the flight of
the penguin after the Yeti bats him.)

How about a nice beach theme. This one is called seagull bomber.

This one is deceptive (or maybe it’s the flu) It’s called bug on a wire
While you are at Miniclip also have a look at Monster Truck

and then there’s Bird Snatchers. This one cracked me up. Cats. Balloons
and Egg Beaters.

Treasure Box is one of those “games that aren’t really games”. It’s in
the point and click puzzle school. Your goal is to figure out what to
click on and when so as to guide the little red ball to the treasure
box. It’s probably not the greatest challenge and it doesn’t last very
long, but it’s a fun little Impediment To Productivity with great artwork.

That should hold you except for one last item.

Creative Commons : Three Sixty Five is an RSS feed, or Podcast
delivering one song a day licensed under the Creative Commons.
I quote
“A wide selection of genre’s and a little bit of commentary about each
song and artist. The aim of CC:365 is very simple. We want to find the
artist that makes you a Commons supporter. Plain as the nose on your
face. No ulterior motives, no pay for play, no focus groups, just music”

OK, so go and subscribe to the feed or remember to check in here
once a day for the new tune. If you don’t like today’s song log in
tomorrow and see what happens. (As a hint… I don’t really expect any
easy listening)

Don’t forget the to pop into the blog ( ) for the odd update during the

Also let me know if you don’t want this any more



{ Currently listening to Bruce Springsteen and Bruce Springsteen and Van
Morrison and Bruce Springsteen… guess what I go for Christmas? }
{ Quick Status Check: I have the flu – this is hell }

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